OpenDAX is an open source, modular, data acquisition and control system. It is licensed under the GPL (GNU General Public License) and therefore is completely free to use and modify. OpenDAX is written primarily for Free operating systems like Linux, BSD and Darwin (Mac OS X). We are making every effort to make the code as portable as possible but these are the big three that we will do development on.

OpenDAX could be used for anything from controlling the air conditioner in a home to controlling an entire industrial facility. Depending on what modules are installed and run it could be used as the firmware for a dedicated Programable Logic Controller (PLC) or a Home Automation system. It could loosely be compared to DCS (Distributed Control System) or a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. Eventually the system would be able to scale up to a several hundred thousand tag system. At this moment the code is far to immature to be used for anything that required reliability but we hope to get it to that point sooner or later. Much will depend on how many developers take up the challenge to help work on the code.

DAX stands for Data Acquisition and eXchange.

OpenDAX works by combining a backend program (opendax) a library (libdax), a real time data server and a set of modules. The opendax server handles the managing of the database, the messaging and the modules.

The modules do all the work and communicate with the data server through the libdax library. The master program (opendax) handles the starting, stopping and restarting of these modules. There will be modules for reading and writing to I/O points, data logging, alarming, machine interface, logic, etc. It will even be possible to use programs that were never written to be OpenDAX modules as modules through a wrapper module.

If you would like to know how you can help with the project see the Contribute page.

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